Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finn Crisp Thin Crisps

I have been enjoying Finn Crisps for a long time but recently it occurred to me that people are probably largely unaware of these crackers, which are unavailable at some large grocery chains. Those that do carry them have just one or two varieties - I have yet to see a store that carries the entire Finn Crisp line - so looking for a row of red boxes won't be much help. Those of you interested in these might have to do a little extra looking around in the cracker isle, or ask a clerk.

Finn Crisp Thin Crisps are sort of a thinner version of Scandinavian (and presumably Finnish) crispbreads. They're similarly textured with a kind of rough coating and discernible chunks of grain. The Original are made with whole grain rye flour, ideal for those avoiding white flour, and have a faintly "rye-ish" taste not unlike a rye bread. I really enjoy the depth of flavour but it may not be for everyone, and I highly recommend the Multigrain variety to those looking for a milder taste.

The Thin Crisps are harder than the average cracker which makes them particularly crunchy and a good match for any gloppy dip or spread. At 20 calories each you can coat them in your favourite toppings, or just mow through a whole box in a carbohydrate-starved frenzy, without too much eater's remorse.

I like these so much I've taken to packing some in my lunch nearly every day to have along with a salad or with cheese. If you are looking for a more complicated way to eat crackers there are a number of "recipes" on the Finn Crisp website.

Image from www.finncrisp.com

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