Monday, July 19, 2010

American Apparel Summer T

I really like a white t-shirt but I have a hard time finding a good one. Many are too big in the shoulders or the neck, and those that pass the fitting-room test often twist in the wash or ride up my hips during wear. American Apparel's "Summer T" is 100% cotton and comes in a fairly classic, unisex shape. This shirt has stood up to multiple washings and long, sweaty wearings and always snaps back to its original shape in the laundry. More importantly, the absence of any stretchy materials in the fabric means it won't creep up my sides or leave me at risk for accidental muffin-top display.

A drawback is the large, ribbed band at the neck which is a little less feminine than I would like. The sleeve is also a bit longer than most t-shirts styled for women, but could easily be rolled if that's your thing. In fact, the whole shirt is a bit bigger than I expected as there was almost no shrinkage whatsoever after the first wash! If I were to buy it again I would seriously consider an extra small, which might have a sleeve more in proportion with my tiny upper body.  Sadly at 23$ a pop they are a bit pricy to buy in multiples, but worth every penny for their general resiliency and failure to warp.

Image from American Apparel

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