Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feeling Calm Camomile Citrus Herbal Tea

I drink a lot of herbal tea and while I appreciate the soothing effects of a chamomile I've never really cared for the flavour. I've tried other varieties of calming teas but those often have a medicinal or licorice-y taste that I find even more unappealing. President's Choice has recently come out with Feeling Calm Camomile Citrus Herbal Tea - a chamomile based tea with citrus added for flavour.

I tend not to sweeten my tea and I noticed right away that Feeling Calm is subtly sweet on its own. It has an orangey flavour as well as some flowery tasting undertones, and overall the taste is a welcome improvement on the basic chamomile tea. The ingredient list includes spearmint which I have come to associate with more unpleasant or strong tasting varieties of tea, but in this case I found any spearmint flavour was totally imperceptible.

I'm uncertain to what degree these soothing teas work at all - when I do feel any effects they seem to be rather short-lived. Though I would be hard-pressed to prove it, the President's Choice tea doesn't seem to make me quite as sleepy as my usual Twinings chamomile, presumably due to a smaller amount of the key ingredient. Despite its failure to induce notable drowsiness I have continued to drink Feeling Calm for its pleasant flavour. I have also noticed some psychological benefits associated with the belief that a beverage can magically induce relaxation, namely that I am somewhat less concerned with how to magically relax.

In a slightly related matter, the product refers to itself as "camomile", but I have always spelled it "chamomile" and my spellcheck agrees. Is "camomile" the accepted Canadian spelling? Is "chamomile" perhaps an American variant? That might explain why it passes muster with my spellcheck, which puts a red zigzag under every "colour", "flavour" and "neighbour."


  1. you should try their chocolate chai tea! Highly recommended with some soy milk!

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  3. I wonder whats the taste of this tea it look so delicious.

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