Saturday, July 17, 2010

Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Blush

I have very oily skin and for years I have shied away from cream blush, but I wanted a product that would stand up to some sweating for the summertime. Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Blush is a cream product that comes in a little tiny pump (cute!) and a variety of pretty normal looking shades. It is intended for wear on cheeks, lips, and even eyes.

I am really delighted with this product! It seems to have more staying power than my powder, though I wouldn't say that it can last an entire day of profuse sweating or rubbing one's face in frustration (I tend to do a lot of both.) It could theoretically be applied with your fingers, but I use a brush and I find it helps the product not settle into any little lines or scars. It's super easy to blend and very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. In fact, the pump seems to dispense more than I need with one squirt and I wish I could get a little less at a time.

The idea of taking only one product with me when I am out for a long day was really appealing, and I had wanted to be able to use the product on my lips as well. Sadly the colour is super-opaque and when applied to the lips it takes on a foundation-like appearance, very matte and several shades lighter than my lip-colour. I went to the store to see if another colour would be more suitable, but this seems to be a problem with all of the colours I tried and in the end I stuck with the one I had. For those of you who are curious I am using #7, which I believe has an embarrassing name akin to "I am ever so slightly drunk, and blushing." You can see a list of all the colours here on the Sephora website.

As an aside, Sephora has an outstanding returns policy whereby you can return any product within 60 days. Buying cosmetics can be pretty hit-and-miss, whether it's buying the wrong colour or experiencing a major breakout as a result of a new product. Being able to return something you've tried for either exchange or a full refund (yes!) is hugely advantageous. The only drawback is that their store reeks so strongly of all their hundreds of perfumes that I can smell the aroma from outside the doors and, once inside, my eyeballs are immediately on fire. For those of you who, like me, have a chemical sensitivity to fragrance, I urge you to make Sephora the last stop on your shopping tour as you will want to go home and sneeze repeatedly after your visit. Alternately, you can shop on their wonderfully organized website which features hundreds of user reviews for nearly all their products.

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